How to Keep Dogs Entertained Indoors

Dogs napping
Arliss and Lily Take a Break from Play

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When the sun beats down outside and we retreat inside with our pups, it’s easy to keep ourselves entertained. But what about our dogs? They can’t grab a book, play scrabble, or catch up on phone calls. To keep your dog entertained while hanging indoors, try some of these ideas:

Dance Party

This is great exercise for dogs and humans alike. My dogs love this. If you have the space, invite your dogs to jump and play around with you. Your dog may stare (silently judging you) at first, but once you get them riled they’ll have fun wearing themselves out.

Homemade Broth Lick

This one keeps dogs’ minds and tongues busy. It also serves as a cool, refreshing treat. To make a broth lick, I use low sodium chicken broth diluted with water. I pour it into a bowl, drop in some carrot chunks, and freeze. Once frozen, I slip it out of the bowl and serve it up. If you’re worried about mess, place the lick on a cookie sheet before letting your dog go to town.

Road Trip

If you want to get out of the house but still stay cool, take your pets on an outing. Many stores, breweries, and even some restaurants welcome dogs. If you have shopping to do or want to grab a bite, look up pet-friendly businesses in your area. Always double check with the business before taking your dogs. Your dogs may also appreciate a visit to a pet store to pick up some treats or a new toy.

Interactive Toys

Plenty of interactive toys on the market have the ability to keep dogs busy and intrigued. Try a treat ball or a flip board puzzle like this one on Amazon. A quick search on Amazon brings up many great choices; there’s sure to be something for every dog.

If your dogs are chilling inside while you’re away, consider a treat dispenser that you can control from anywhere. This treat dispenser has a camera so you can see and take pictures of your pups. It also has audio so they can hear your voice.

Hide Treats

Another way to keep dogs cool and happy inside is to hide treats around your home. Let your dogs roam around, and sniff out all the goodies. Get creative when hiding treats, but make sure your dogs can get to them.

Stifling heat that keeps dogs inside doesn’t mean they have to suffer boredom. Experiment with different toys and games to keep the fun alive.

What are some of your dog’s favorite boredom killers?